Natural Forces Within Us Are The TRUE Healers Of Disease *Hippocrates*



Massage Therapy & Sound AND Energy Medicine Sessions

I offer a wide variety of effective Massage Therapy techniques & Sound and Energy Medicine modalities.

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The Elevation Activation

Stefanie has been attuned with the Blue Ray of Healing. The Elevation Activation therapy was created by Stefanie and Autumn Matto and is a form of energy work healing.  In these sessions your DNA will get an upgrade. Your cells will get a gentle infusion  of new electromagnetic impulses. The structure of energy exchange & transfer will be slowly re-wired during this cellular transformation. This is like a renovation of your own energy system.  Like all of the therapy I provide, carefully selected music infuses this session with Sound Therapy using high vibrational music to take you on a unique sound healing journey. 


Music Medicine Show

 Four powerful Shamans come together to create this multi sensory experience using the healing power of Music and sound frequencies, together with Meditation,
Earth & Rainbow Star Energy Medicine, and Visual Art for this group guided immersion experience.
Each show is unique and different as the music playlist is always changing.  Specially selected music infuses this session with Sound Therapy using high vibrational music to take you on a unique sound healing journey.
This Meditation & Healing experience will meet each participant where they are currently at in their own healing journey.
We encourage each participant to relax fully and participate in the experience in any way that makes you comfortable.
First we start things off with Deborah Donoghue leading us in guided channelled meditation,
then Stefanie Veon & Autumn Matto will do the Elevation Activation ( A new channelled healing modality birthed by Stef & Autumn) on the whole group.
You can either lay back and close your eyes during this or you can sit up and view the visual art created by Kamora Jones of Las Vegas that is also encoded with healing frequencies & light language.
If you feel the need to move your body, feel free to stand up & do so at your mat.
Then Deborah will bring everyone back to earth with a closing meditation.
This experience will leave you feeling at peace with a renewed sense of purpose that will balance your Mind, Body & Soul.



A fusion of ancient wisdom & modern music, for healing. Move your chakras, change your life! 

Wellbeing Movement Practice

Moving Meditation

Ashiatsu Massage


Deep tissue fanatics  &

athletes "LOVE" this massage

Elevation Activation


Give your body & DNA an upgrade,

Just like we do to our computers


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